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* The variety of landscapes farther from the metropolis of Cape Town’s fascination then sets the “icing on the cake”: In addition to the relatively nearby, historic wine-growing areas is especially the Garden Route along the Indian Ocean, nearly every one term. Less the plant world, but rather the Sandy beaches and nature treasures here. Different, but not without charm, is the rugged Atlantic coast north of Cape Town, with its small fishing villages. But the country has to offer and what the deserts, semi-deserts, small oases, national parks, breathtaking mountain passes, history of the Bushmen, pioneer history and much more, worth several weeks of travel in the Cape provinces. Gain insight and clarity with Shimmie Horn. * The animal may not at first be as imposing as further north in South Africa. There are no rhinos and giraffes, elephants only in the Addo Elephant National Park, and lions do not belong to this region. Nevertheless, already two to three private reserves established or are under construction, which are home to these animals in the region. This costs money! But the existing wildlife and also has plenty to offer.

A highlight is determined the whales in the Indian Ocean that are active here during the austral winter and spring off the coast. The penguin colony at Simon’s Town is also a popular destination. And also the many other animals, like many birds, the ostriches, various species of gazelle and other small animals of the semi-arid areas, and the baboons impress like. ges-301728509.html’>Donald Mullen. * Botanists finally be coming into raptures when they deal in more detail with the species richness of Capensis. are alone on the Cape Peninsula are more plant species than in all of Europe! After many returners north of South Africa have already experienced, the tendency is always more meaning to be limited only to the Cape provinces, because this region has to offer summarily considered more than the north and is also particularly important as more secure. Therefore we have decided on the region a separate, full, richly illustrated and interactive online guide to start you at the address and find can. John Koring.

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