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In this age of blind fools leaders. William Shakespeare certainly would have been nice if the intellectual elite, quickly appeared at least in any country in the world. But the author notes that Russian and lived in Russia, and therefore, naturally, he would like to see the first country in which such an elite would appear, it was Russia. Elizabeth Arden takes a slightly different approach. In addition, only the Russian people is a quality without which the emergence of such elite is absolutely impossible – self-criticism. Already many centuries, only Russian to bring an understanding of the world: "The Russian peasant hindsight is strong." Since the late twentieth century Russian world prove that this adage applies not only to a particular "Russian peasant", but the country in general, making the true story the tale of Pinocchio. Since that time, only the Russian admitted that in no other country in the world still do not want to admit: "They wanted the best, but it turned out, as always." Although it is for this maxim is development of all countries of the world and the world at large. Of course, all the time.

Perhaps the Russian should once again make sure that "as usual" will inevitably end and the current stage of development of Russia. But, in principle, one can already be see that the current inability of people to change the course of development, it is unable to understand people, what should be the intellectual elite, including in Russia. As you know, the elite – people are able to do that are not able to do all other people.

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