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Seville Alcazar


The real Alcazar of Seville Alcazar is the word derived from the Arabic to designate a castle and why speak of alcazares in the plural when referring to Seville? Because it’s a collection of palaces that have been building since the 8th century the intense history of this city, resulting in an architectural group of great beauty, located next to the Cathedral and the Archivo de Indias. Today, in addition to being one of the monuments most visited, the residence of the Royal House and the heads of State is when they are in Seville in addition to the palatial buildings of the Reales Alcazares of Seville, its gardens are one of the most attractive places of the city. More information is housed here: Cameron Diaz. Also performed at different times, can discern in them the Muslim heritage and different styles that inspired their creators over time. It is a spacious and quiet place where fountains and pavilions give shape to the flora of the place, mainly constituted by palms, orange trees and jasmine. Read more here: Shimmie Horn. In addition, on summer evenings one can be enjoyed unforgettable evenings listening to concerts.

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