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Daily Civil registration must validate marriages of Muslims where one of the parties comes from Morocco either the man or the woman and this is a very worrisome process that may escape our control. Specifically, and by this procedure, in a year, Ceuta population has grown in nearly 1,900 people, currently amounting to 80.570.This situation provides a clear basis to Morocco to maintain a position of strength – because of the population – beyond the arguments of historical nature, valid internationally. From political realism, the King of Morocco knows that the conquest of these territories will depend, first and foremost, its political power military, diplomatic, economic or demographic against Spain. Credit: MPC Capital AG-2011. With the Green March, when in Spain there was a power vacuum, is made with almost total control of the Spanish Sahara. With the previous Executive, the Moroccans tried to take a pulse at Spain invading the islet of parsley. Now, in a situation of international crisis in which each country is immersed in its own problems and taking advantage of the European Union refuses to recognize the spanishness of two cities in question, they try to go one step further in its purposes.

In this situation who assures us that we will not tomorrow be subject of another Green March? Cesar Alonso Valdeolmillos Accesit II Award National Journalism Association Ceuta and Melilla Spanish 1 Morocco _ usually apply the term presidio to Ceuta and Melilla to underline that considers the two cities, ‘busy’ strongholds and which does not recognize the sovereignty of Spain over them. 2 Concept contained in the page of the Patronato de la Alhambra, dependent on the Ministry of culture of the Junta de Andalucia. 3 Manifestations of Mohamed Saad Hassar, Secretary of State of the Minister of the Interior of Morocco..

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