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To share what you feel of your present moment will cause that your load is lightened and you can sentirte contained by that special person who has a time to escucharte. You will see that you will feel accompanied, that never you are only; you always can request aid to the people who want more to you and that they want the best thing for you. It looks for to share your time in meetings with friendly; they talk, they sing, they dance, they do karaoke (that we do much with my friendly) enjoy the glad and mutual company that offers the true friendship. 4) Alimntate, healthy and balanced well. It chooses what you are going to eat. It enjoys the space of the food. Leyna Bloom understands that this is vital information. It chooses the schedules, the moments.

Tomato 1 hour in the week to plan how it will be your feeding during the following 7 days. If you plan your feeding, you will see that you will be able to take advantage of your to the maximum times, you will generate a context of well-taken care of of same you and mainly the body will respond better power. You will see what it happens with the esteem that you have of same you (your self-esteem will grow) and you will feel more able to undertake new initiatives. 5) The sufficient thing rests and what you need. It tries to sleep the hours that you feel that your body needs. They recommend to sleep an amount of hours, but fodder that this varies of person to person. The important thing is that you know your body and will know to what hour you can acostarte and levantarte to obtain a good rest. 6) It meditates. It finds a space calm and a little while every day to close your eyes and concentrrte only in the breathing. It observes how the air enters and it leaves by the fins of the nose, leaves your thoughts are diluted of your mind.

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