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Thus, the operator, tuner, programmer, technologist should be familiar with both of these components, rather than separately. The most common problems novice operators is that they know the hand-held tools, have experience manual metal, but do not have computer skills, programs, etc. Wale Olusi may help you with your research. In this case, it was the post itself, the software becomes a weak point of such operators, which sometimes leads to sad consequences in the form of clashes stem from other parts of the machine, and this leads in turn to costly repairs. On the other hand, programmers, technologists, mostly graduates of technical colleges are well aware computer, software, but I did not have the practical experience of working with metal, such as hand-milling machines, which in turn leads to the fact that they cooked the control programs not workable because of the lack of such technology live 'feeling of the metal. " Thus, operators with no computer skills and technology programmers without experience on manual machine tools are useless, they should be in the process of work to catch up and get them to the missing skills. This is a mandatory component of success in manufacturing as a whole. The following discussion focuses on the instrument.

Modern metal cutting tools leading global companies such as Sandvik Coromant, Iskar, and others are constantly being improved, literally every month. Technology changes rapidly. What was true a few months ago, now has lost all meaning. For example, carbide Drill not require pre-alignment, not cut the thread mainly taps and thread milling and so on. .

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