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a "That time you had to pass and single too! You know very well how much I regret your loss. I can not believe that life has been so unfair to you. I can not believe you have gone through the same tragedy twice and you lost all your loved ones. Tell me I can help. Already I can not repair the losses, but if there is anything that can help, just tell me. "Thanks," Ruth said sadly. Contact information is here: rusty holzer.

a "I know I can count on you. Tatiana and I have decided to stay until the DNA results and we deliver the body of Sebastian. "And how long it may take"? asked Natasha. Doug Bowen addresses the importance of the matter here. -At least a week, but could be more, "replied Ruth. You're going to stay with us "? "Certainly," said Boris interrupting the conversation.

"Of course we're going to stay. We will not leave here without our daughter and she has turned out not to leave without her husband's remains, we will wait as long as necessary. What they plan to ? "Yes," replied Ruth. a "It is likely that I also moved to San Francisco. Do not know yet. I do not want to return to Israel and if Tatiana wants to take the body of Sheba there, I'd like to move too. Would then transfer the remains of my husband and my other son. "Sounds like a good idea," replied Natasha. "You do well to stay away from those memories as painful to you.

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