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Relaunch: Wayne Boasts


Manager launches new version of its social community: for users means more overview, clear design and new features. NEUTRAUBLING, November 9, 2011. Today, a completely redesigned version of the social network manager is online. The platform was redesigned visually, technically and functionally strong in the last half year and made fit for the relaunch. The communication between the users should be even faster and as simple as possible. Managing Director Matthias Vogl: Snowboarding is now much more interactive and dynamic.

For this, we have created a mail system that resembles a chat in speed and control. New messages, comments and other content are constantly recharged through real time updating; the user remains up to date and always know what’s happening around his profile”. Wayne has about 1.8 million active members, about 47 percent are daily online at snowboarding. Herbert Stein may also support this cause. Intensive use is impressive the community: In the cut brings it every user on 42 minutes be activity per day only the minutes counted, which runs at least an action is. For the new version, we have analyzed which areas are used most frequently and for long and what our users like to find unique and exciting. We have optimized these points”Vogl explained.

The Center increasingly typical features such as the internal page rank system and playful elements such as virtual gifts and emotions. Users who want to close new acquaintances or even flirt at Wayne find improved search and flirtation possibilities. In terms of data and protection of minors, a lot has been improved: the user can determine in the future even easier and more about their privacy. In many areas has accordingly been added functions. For example, members can decide who can see your profile visitors. Wayne continues to focus on the use of nicknames (pseudonyms) within the community, and offers more ways to protect the real name in the profile. A week before the relaunch could interested users for the new version of the register, and the platform test. Only three days registered over 200,000 users of the trial version. Today, all members take advantage of the new Manager. Vogl and Wimmer CEO: We were pleased very, that the trial had such a high popularity and users are excited. We would like to thank all the members for participating and hope you enjoy discovering the Jappy V4.” About Mary Mary, was founded in June 2001 and is an independent, free social network with 1.8 million active members. Anyone who is older than 14 years, must register under a pseudonym (nickname) and is as member of the community. He can make his personal profile, meet old friends, meet new people and exchange ideas with other users.

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