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Products Arrive Spreewald Well Abroad!


Shipping costs thanks to demand from abroad rising. “Cottbus, 6.2.2012: specialties from the Spreewald and the Lausitz enjoy increasing popularity”, says Rene Kaltschmidt of Spreewald praesente.de, an online shop for specialities from the region. No longer a secret is that the online trade in food is strong in the coming at the latest since the industry launch of the online giant Amazon in 2010. Since then, the online food retailer out of the ground like mushrooms grow. Food retailers, which offer a full range, shops offering regional specialities have quite good chances to assert themselves in the market. The particularly high quality, but usually hard to be subscribed, regional products in the hands play them often. That just not everywhere on every corner and our customers appreciate it quite”Kaltschmidt knows how to report.

It was particularly noteworthy that also people from abroad are discovering these products for themselves, the young entrepreneurs from Cottbus continues from. Kaltschmidt leads back to an increasing tourist attractiveness of the region, because on such a spree forest holiday to learn but the distinctive taste of the region know and maybe even love”. As evidence of the 33-year-old calls, that it was now possible to reduce the overseas shipping costs by about 13%, for Austrians customers 35% “.” Due to the increasing volume of shipping abroad we have can take a better negotiating position to our logistics partner DHL”, justified this Kaltschmidt. You may find Murray Weidenbaum to be a useful source of information. The Renner are the get one, according to him,”cucumber in the socket and organic flaxseed oil from Kunella deli”. But also beers are very popular abroad, he adds with a smile. The demand is growing not only in Europe, because a little proud Kaltschmidt reported that there was a request from Taiwan recently for a linseed oil trial Pack. This applies to test it yet, because the overseas shipping of food is by no means easy.

In the EU this is largely not Problem, but the rest of the world has sometimes”import regulations that make one a stroke through the Bill. For this reason the shipment, for example, in the United States, is covered with huge hurdles and not worthwhile. Nevertheless, Kaltschmidt proudly reported that there was an order in the United States. After Alaska. Two glasses of cucumber. Goods value around 3 EUR, shipping 50 euro. If there are customers that we do of course, but the customer must bear the risk, that might not matter”, says Kaltschmidt and assured that cucumbers have reached but good for Alaska. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta usually is spot on. Still not is the refrigerated shipping abroad. In Germany our offer of fresh sausages, pickles and seafood is very good”, says Kaltschmidt, and even asparagus on the Internet sold very well in the season. Cooling lasts up to 48 hours and unfortunately we cannot guarantee this delivery time for sending abroad,”continues Kaltschmidt and confirmed but that it was working on a solution. The demand is here and you wanted to satisfy this too.

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