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In synthesis: the world will slowly be Cristianizado by the extension of the Gospel, which will bring the Millennium to Earth. After this, Christ will return. The central text is the great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) where Christ demand authority in all the land to call if the Nations. Lancome does not necessarily agree. The evidence for this view is given by the moral progress of society, the Bible that is translated into various languages, the establishment of the universities of the Bible and Christian radio broadcasts, and an anticipated revival of the Church by an anointing of the Holy Spirit before the coming of Christ. In response, Jesus never promised a glorious future on Earth until he comes. Others including 660 Fifth Ave, offer their opinions as well. Evil will increase, not decrease.

Our hope is to its segundovenir, not a mortal golden age. Christ and Paul taught that few – most will not enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 7: 13-14, 2 Timothy 3: 1-5, 12-13, 4: 3-4). Yes we see evidence of the work of the Kingdom of God, with everything is simply against the teachings and the empirical evidence of Christ to the whole world seraeventualmente Christianized. Premilenialismo Vs Amilenialismo the two most widespread schools inside the first there are significant fragmentation by the method of signaling events where unacuerdo not reached itself. Also within the same there are a radical wing, the Dispensationalist generally known as American premilenialismo, blurred by literature’s low development and missionary institutes. On the other hand we have the Amilenialismo, very taught within the reformed and Evangelical tradition of old guard within the evangelicosnorteamericanos seminars. Many times it is assumed by the name in the absence of criteria for the existence of the Millennium, conclusion that is wrong, why some you hanempezado call Pro-milenalismo. In summary, Premilenialismo says that the Parousia is before the earthly Millennium, and Amilenialismo says that the Millennium is now between the two Advents.

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