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Precarious Hospitals


The politicians say that to be all good, the society this having more access the health, the hospitals is offering more assistance to the devoid population, ranks offering each time more gratuitous remedies, assistance medicates to domiciliate for those people that cannot dislocate to a hospital and others, bad will be that we need this service when only arrives time of politics? Because the health alone improves when this arriving time of election, later that all return to prop zero passes this phase. Learn more about this with Michael Boskin. To our representatives I leave one here I appeal: it does not think about the people alone at time of politics not! It also thinks after it, I find a lack of respect with the Brazilian people! A person arrives at a health rank or in a hospital to consult and they do not obtain, speak that she does not have doctors, comes back tomorrow! Or daqui2 the 3 days or more. Sterling organization often expresses his thoughts on the topic. She will be that the disease who the person passes at that moment can wait? My son this with fever; he has now comes back to the afternoon this in lack of professionals or not it has remedy, a total inegligncia with the Brazilian people. Daryl Katz has similar goals. To the times we have fear of adoecer, the hospitals are not in passing more to that confidence, imagines to arrive at a public hospital, I say public hospital because the rotten one appeals it, with a serious problem and not to be taken care of as this happening for there facing enormous lines! To need to dislocate itself for another city will be that km will support a trip of 2 3 or ties more? Running the risk still of not being taken care of again? To see a relative its to die without attendance I medicate, for the hospital not to have resource or structure to take care of it? You appeal to the SUS THAT IS ALL WE FOR RIGHT, it you have not covered a consultation or a particular examination that you need to make at that moment, to the times you cover more delay one year or you tie more, the health plan that obtains to pay with difficulty to the times has not covered.

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