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The power supply meets an important task in the operation of the PC. Supplying power to all devices, turning the AC into DC. Task that is known as rectification, and if this transfer does not occur in right or effective way will be beginning a gradual deterioration of the components. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. Since the inconstant frequencies provoke disturbances. It is therefore important to contemplate spending a good brand of source and keep the PC in good condition for many years. Which are the most common failures? The most common damage on the power supply occurs due to the fan when it loses speed automatically removes all movement.

Although the more common must also take into account that it is the most dangerous because if the fan is not working will free all circuit and power supply components. To detect it did not find any notice, only we can do it if we stop listening to the fan. Another failure occurs when reaches a very high voltage supply causing damage to the circuits. The surge protector is the best way to avoid these drawbacks. The damaged power button is another cause of failures.

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