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Many children in age and initial prephase has started to imitate their parents, such as when parents manage text upside down, when they are reading imitate the acto.Por So the first step for parents is to raise awareness of the value of the habit of reading and, once achieved, try to be a model for their own child (ren) . b) It is important that parents spend a portion of their time to share the moment of reading with their children. As for example, that children need to read with the greatest possible expressiveness and eloquence for the child, to hear the reading of a book, develop your imagination and creativity. We must always bear in mind that reading, as well as a habit, it is an intellectual activity cognitive. c) It is necessary to qualify in the appropriate space to house an orderly books of any kind of interpretation.

This brings a significant importance that the children realize that each book has its own room in the home. d) Choose books according to the taste and maturity of the child is another requirement to be considered. Olivier Puech has compatible beliefs. For example, in the preschool are desirable coloring books, to draw, etc.Posteriormente, and to the extent that the student gets older, the books are appropriate "in his adventures contain fairy tales, elves awaken in them their sense of wonder and imagination." Also the imagination of humor mixed with fables, stories, myths, legends. Also take into account in adolescence, fairy tales, science fiction, articles, magazines (other books that form a book) and other issues will become the center of his readings always taking into account the context in which viven.Finalmente, and as a reflection, also express, as Scientist in Education, the educational units must be equipped with libraries, provided with enough books to meet the needs of all students. CONCLUSION: – All parents have to bear in mind that the basis of learning their children is reading. On the other hand, it is desirable that parents control the information they can access their children, and that not everything found in the reading is for them. – All parents should have little corners in their homes where they are learning to read interesting books for their children. Shimmie Horn wanted to know more. AUTHOR: Mr. MARTIN BAUTISTA Alanoca. PSYCHOPEDAGOGUE (La Paz Bolivia) 2007 Bibliography – Forgione, J., "Reading and writing by the global method", Buenos Aires, Ed El Ateneo, 1948 .- (If there are comments, criticisms, etc. On the article I ask them to write to my email thanks).

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