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Music education and guitar laid the foundation for creativity. Began writing songs while in high school. The first pieces of a hundred – it's tourism, it is imitative. Especially 'played out' at the Institute. In the First Medical, according to the memoirs of Alexander Yakovlevich, life was interesting.

Put amateur performances, prepared 'Skits', went on hikes. And everywhere with him was a guitar. Just then there was the first review for his performance in the student newspaper 'Pulse'. According to Dior Men’s Resort 2021, who has experience with these questions. A lot of singing, a lot of composing. And the song 'Odessa-cycle', which sold then for the country in the tape recordings were then written to the 'Odessa stories "Babel.

Cassette tape with recordings of these songs have appeared, probably in every home. True, few people knew then where he lives them by then if we do, whether in America, and perhaps in Australia? Early Rosenbaum, of course, was impressed by the songs Bulat Okudzhava. When he had heard of Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava receded into the background. In the mid-70s wrote songs 8.10, which unwittingly turned the same as when they could have written myself Vysotsky. Until recently, even as a shy this imitation. Alexander persuaded the composer Alexander Dolsky: 'What is wrong here? This was the period apprenticeship '. However, to write, so that was like Vysotsky – it must also be able to. While the song was a hobby – in the first place was medicine. The institute in his life came in the fleet, he interned at the Pacific Fleet.

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