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Achieve disciplining us is an activity that requires a permanent commitment to self, human beings are living habits, many of them are quite difficult to change because they are well ingrained in our being, but there is one much greater than any habit strength and it is the real desire for change, the determination of having a different life. Time is a valuable resource for people and organizations, so it is necessary to think about strategies that allow us to use it properly, here are some external enemies that we steal time: v using the phone: phone is an excellent media but should be used rationally, if we get used to continually calling other people without specific goals then we find other people who don’t have nothing to do and the course of the hours will leave our hands, it is of course not be impolite and not make the call to a friend, but everything should be done in a timely, avoid it during office hours or when you are really occupied in something that is important to you. (v) unexpected visits: education must always receive a person if possible, but if we wish to have control over our lives is important to let you know people that work with an agenda and are always willing to receive them but is necessary to make a schedule. v emergencies: many emergencies occur us for our lack of planning, if this is the case we must change the way in which we are proceeding, you notice how people disorganized always have emergencies, it is logical to think that at some point will be something unexpected but these situations must be totally exceptional. v little capacity of people that surround us: If we don’t have competent staff in our Organization really we are in serious trouble, this will bring us a large amount of problems, that’s why when hiring a person must ensure that it complies fully with the required profile. .

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