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POSSIBILITIES OF THE ONLY OPTIMISTIC THEORY ABOUT THE UNIVERSE. Black holes that exploit. For more specific information, check out Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Nature of dark matter. Lack of dark energy. Energy that is created or is infinite. The infinite must be eternal. The center of the universe. The universe is bigger than you think. It grows or decreases the microwave background. Variable speed of light in vacuum. False dimensions. The universe revolves and expands. Cause of the accelerated expansion of the universe. Cosmic energy recycling. Or thermal deaths nor tears. The Cosmofisica in the einsteinian era is still a very particular science, almost, is half science and half beliefs, because starting from observations and measurements with own astronomy instruments and brilliant intervention of mathematics, is passed to the human interpretation of the results of the investigations; interpretations that are made with projection to the past and the future and it is in that moment, that accommodates any number of conjectures; What would be nice if they were mostly framed within the parameters of the logic and the philosophical reasoning, that leads to the other sciences, but more serious, is that they are rather, clusters of speculation, sometimes identified with the most wild religious mythologies or the most implausible imaginations of the friends of science fiction. It sometimes seems that the possession of instruments of astronomy, is what gives the power to succeed in the interpretations of what is observed or measured. Everything is seen through a telescope is so distant and so interfered to that you need to know what interpreted, have access to a telescope is to be able to see more and is not always guaranteed to have a successful reasoning that allows better interpret what you see. And unfortunately, as result of many observations and few interpretive hits found that almost all the current theories about the end of the universe are deeply pessimistic, apocalyptic and only some few dare to raise the possibility of a kinder future for our coexistence with the universe. THEORY optimistic El Universo, understood as all that exists, (or simply El Todo), is composed of: space + matter + energy + time.

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