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New Year New Job


They have already passed the first Christmas days, and soon we will be entering a new year, which we hope will be of definite economic recovery. There are many people faced with the arrival of the 2011 also changes in their working lives, pondering the possibility of finding a new job, meet a new occupational challenge or promote. From the Blog of Experteer we want to give a few simple tips for all those people who are raised changes in his professional career to get channel all your energies in the search for that new job. So therefore, what is necessary to carry out a search with success? Discipline: it is necessary to draw a strategic search plan covering all areas and possible environments. Job search portals are a fundamental piece, especially those who offer us guarantees of success and high quality standards. Security and trust: any glimmer of anxiety or concern can only prevent the concentration needed for this task.

You have to focus on the successes, achievements and learnings in any activity related to the job search. Positive attitude: in the active search for employment as well as moments of transition achievements should not be forgotten. A useful to remember rule is pair: problems found, actions taken to improve and results achieved. Use this analysis rule for the last years of the professional career means acquiring a positive vision of professional development. Use and management of the time: in search of employment, send the CV, in the answers to questions in interviews, etc.It must be found to taste with each of the activities, not losing sight of the strategic planning of search for a new professional project. Enthusiasm: all the comunicacionesdeben awaken interest and emotion, showing the interlocutor clear personality traits. It is time to demonstrate the knowledge of the company to which we go, undying interest and standing out above the other candidates.

Invincibility: there is no reason to discourage an absence of professional project. Otherwise, is the time to devote themselves completely to the search of this new project. Success really is when he is able to convince the employer and in particular to the person who makes the decision, that we are the safe choice, the best candidate of all those interviewed during the selection process. So there to feel it and pass it on. According to some experts, looking for a new professional project is how to sell. And in fact, must make sure that the process and the closing of this sale, us, is the best. The attitude is the most important key to success.

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