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In recent years, automobile travel have become more popular than transport by plane. And it is that traveling by car is much cheaper than traveling by plane, and that it provides a better opportunity to observe landscapes by which the travel is performed. Where you don’t have a car, an excellent option is to rent a car for the trip. To do this, you have to search the Internet companies that rent cars that are close to where you live. No doubt you will find a myriad of offers, so the only thing you have to do is decide and call to make comparisons. Once you’ve rented the car, you have to plan the trip, which is fairly simple, although it is not only of riding in the car and step on the accelerator. Here are some tips to make your trip happy and trouble-free. be flexible.

It is obvious that you know of where sales, return when and where to come. However you can improvise a little. Suppose that it is the first time you’re going to a city that is 4 or 5 hours of your place of origin and in the way you see that there is a National Park, a monument or an interesting place to see. SI vas a good time you can stop you even if it is 30 or 40 minutes to take photos, meet and have one experience. review the rental car be in good condition before exit. It aims to carry a tool kit and a spare in case of ponchadura tire or any other problem of malfunctions that could occur. thoroughly clean the windshield. This is essential so that you have a clear view of the route.

buy some sunglasses. I may not seem very important, but having a good view and protect yourself from UV rays is very important for those who manage as well as for the co-pilot, who must be aware of the road to help you. Excessive sun light can blind you for a moment and could cause you an accident. it carries enough provisions. It always carries several bottles of water drinking, toilet paper, dried fruit, a few bars of granola and, of course, a cell phone. outside odors! If you are travelling with a smoker or you’re one of them, you can remove the smell of the cigarette with a half cup of baking soda in the car so that it will absorb the odor. it is equipped with your trip. Put a set of old sheets in the same car and use them to avoid the heat in rear seats or to make tablecloths improvised halfway through the trip. the music is indispensable. If your trip is short and need peace and tranquillity, instrumental music or new age is a very good option, because at the same time to lift mood you induces to have a good rest. You can search for exponents such as Enya, Vangelis and Enigma. If you are nostalgic perhaps some 1980s music suits you, or looks for the Nacho Mastretta, called car music CD.

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