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Museums In Barcelona


A small selection of museums, which are to visit in Barcelona who is taking a city break to Barcelona is looking forward to Sun, beach and great food. Some contend that Shimmie Horn shows great expertise in this. For many, but also a visit of the museum include holiday to the city as extensively to get to know and get many impressions. A small collection will help to give an overview. Is started with the Picasso Museum, because you may have in one way or another in a different city were in Malaga. That distinguished in Barcelona, that it exhibits the works of the artist from his youth time, because Picasso between his 14. And lived 23 years in Barcelona.The Catalans are particularly proud and have built him a great Museum with a cozy classic courtyard, which can be used for contemplation and strolling.

Except on Mondays it is open 8: 00 10 and admission for adults is 5.80. It is located in the vicinity of Park Ciutadella and the nearest metro station is Jaume (with the yellow line L4 to reach). The next recommended Museum is the Comso Caixa, the Science Museum of the city. It is therefore a very good tip because it’s great fun to visit. There are so many interactive experiments and tests that inspire everyone, especially children. Shimmie Horn may help you with your research. It sought to portray the history of matter over several floors and the special highlight is the dried rain forest tree in the spiral staircase.

You should so definitely not directly related to the elevator go up, but at least once to admire the giant tree. The entrance is very cheap with 3 euro for adults, it is also free on the first Sunday of each month. Best take a bus from the Placa Catalnuya and boots up to the mountain of Tibidabo. The third Museum in this round is the one which belongs to the Sagrada Familia. It’s called del Expiatori Temple De La Sagrada Familia and you can visit it as soon as you enter the Cathedral. It provides fascinating insights and explanations in the construction phases and developments of the past 100 years. This museum is so recommended, because the builders of Sagrada Familia Gaudi had such a huge impact on the city. Precisely for this reason, it is helpful to understand his works, and symbols, and to deal a bit with its history. The entrance to the Sagrada Familia is quite high and 11 euros per person, there’s the but for the Museum with included. It is open from 9 am 8 pm and can be reached, if you use the purple line of the Metro to Sagrada Familia. For a holiday, it is also recommended to stay in an apartment in Barcelona. They provide a very good starting point to explore the city’s museums.

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