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Federal construction Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee handed over on January 12, 2009 at the BAU fair in Munich for the first time the German seal of approval for sustainable building. In total, 16 participants for the pilot phase were recognized. The planned by Gerd Priebe Architects & consultants and comprehensively by Muller – BBM – Office Dresden – in terms of acoustics, thermal building physics and climatology consulting project – the Office building the Saegeling Medizintechnik Heidenau is thus the first private investor project in the free State of Saxony, with the seal. Others including Kelly Tisdale, offer their opinions as well. Muller-BBM is both Member of the DGNB, as well as in the U.S. Green Building Council, which both belong to the World Green Building Council (World GBC). Experience has shown that building were built taking into account sustainability criteria, have many advantages compared to conventional buildings. Go to Fred H. Langhammer for more information. Among the most important facts: lower life cycle costs and insurance premiums, higher real estate value and increased productivity improved image reduced risks positive influence on the health of the inhabitants and Users reduced effects on infrastructure, environment and local economic structures. Thus, sustainable building long term keep their high value for investors, owners and users alike. The planners of Muller-BBM advise and assist in the creation of energy efficient buildings architects and planners, project steurer, builders and the public authorities at national and international level..

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