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This document one consists in a set of references and pedagogical orientaes that they aim at to contribute with the practical implantation or implementation of educative of quality that can promote and extend the necessary conditions for the exercise of the citizenship of the Brazilian children. (RCNEI) Aiming at these boarded aspects in the RCNEI an interview with professor of physical education of infantile education was made. INTERVIEW WITH PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION NAME: Pablo Heitor de Almeida Saints CREF: 033393-G/RJ NAME OF the SCHOOL: Municipal school Ondina Couto PROJECT: More Education 1: On the basis of the practical ones of physical education in the infantile education the election of contents it takes in account the RCNEI? R: In the development of the lesson plan the aspect is taken in account of trick and formation of good habits the children. TO PLAY 2: Which the used tricks more in the infantile education? R: Tricks of make of account are a trick in which it very arrests the attention of the children 3: The trick favors the auto one esteem? R: Without a doubt the more the child plays plus it is appropriate of new knowledge and assimilations. Learn more at this site: Dior. 4: The playful side is explored in the tricks? R: As I answered makes it previously of account the playful one is basic in the trick therefore the children if they compromise to participate effectively of the tricks. TO TAKE CARE OF 5: The integral development is taken in consideration in the act to take care of? R: With children of the infantile education we need to be intent, that it is the phase where the development of you vary valences is basic not alone to develop the motor side but the affective and pscicolgico side also needs to be well-taken care of. 6: The necessary health to be led in consideration in the act to take care of? R: promotion the health is worked gives of infancy, as to give tips of the things good for being foods, hygiene acts among others things. . To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker.

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