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It is necessary to stop sometimes. And not only leaving the body inert medium, his head and staring into space. It is almost compulsory to park and get out of oneself. Quarantine to breath. Apana place and hear things that always happens and rarely see. Yesterday, for example, killing two people united by their faces and talents. And it is likely that if I stop this so that I said earlier, do not see how the universe connects it all.

Stay with this: "I could not tell which one was more revolutionary, if the artist or the father" never entered my mind that one day would mix in a letter to the much famed Michael Jakson and my Uncle Frank, whom everyone called " Curro. " Somewhat unlikely and threatening to part of the family may not understand it ever. I tell you: It is popular voice to our Michael, sexy black one, he was deleting everything in black brought genetically speaking. If surgery was or not really does not matter. But we do know is that I never was happy with his nose feature, among other things. On the other hand, my uncle "Curro" had to demonstrate his family nickname is already old and in their children and grandchildren continues. This "motto" or nickname, is none other than "Porritt," referring to his nose. It is not because of the diminutive size was small, I give witness that, but because at the end of all the noses of his family, comes a little ball that makes them unique in the whole town.

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