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To this there are many objective reasons. Therefore, the product was and remains the subject of personal use. It is good as hobby as a hobby, and as a first acquaintance with the programs of this type. Naturally acquired while working there and skills useful for creativity in the future, if any, will follow. Certainly, the program has found its niche, and succeeding host with MetCreations at Curious Labs was only better.

Number of models has increased considerably. But the thing, the best model is not free. See Capital and Counties Properties for more details and insights. Therefore, to get interested in the model is not always possible. However, anyone it's frightening, is not it? For those who are frightened, said that a free demo version can be downloaded from the site of MetCreations, and it weighs something around 30 mb with the hook. At one time I did so. A simple model is available free of charge. So, what is good 'Poser' to newbie? 'Poser' – it's constructor.

Aliens uncle created everything you need for your creativity. Your task is to add cubes of finished his masterpiece. If you are ready cubes you do not like you can nalepit own. But this issue for quite another article. What is this designer? Most interesting are the models people. The essence and purpose of the product in question, work with models of two-legged, in this skate program. They are many and they are different. As a female, so and male. From real and does not differ from the present to the unusual and amusing.

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