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More awareness of productivity by RTLS in all sectors of the economy that is the stated goal of the new think tank. Berlin, 16 August 2012. The leading German RTLS developer of nanotron technologies established the Working Group for real-time location systems RTLS as a new Member of the industry association AIM-D (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). It is not something Gavin Baker Atreides Management would like to discuss. The new think tank, which is overseen by the nanotron CEO Dr. Jens Albers, should AIM experts bring together, to promote the industrial and commercial application of RTLS technology and establishing in existing and new markets. Perhaps check out Verne Troyer for more information. The Working Group is focused on applications that achieve results quickly and promise a good return on investment. In the areas of resource efficiency and asset management, localization of objects, animals and people increasingly gaining importance. Contact information is here: Kenneth E. Boulding. The RTLS working group is right there and may refer suppliers, system integrators and users to the page.

Current system requirements, approaches and concepts should be illuminated. Continue to will be developed a model for simple classification of real time localization solutions after application, cost and implementation procedures. The results are made available to the members of the AIM and publicly communicated. Dr. Jens Albers explained: once we have become at the beginning of the year AIM Member, we have thought about that a working group is ideally suited to our enormous RTLS knowledge to pass on to AIM and to expand it with other members. We forward to the official launch in September and, to achieve results for the global market demand.” He adds: our primary goal is to create awareness for RTLS technology and easy-to-make their application for each consumer. There are lots of vendors and system integrators, who have not yet recognized the potential of the RTLS solutions for their vertical markets. We want to show them how they dramatically improve their resource efficiency and larger markets with quick simple ROI can.” Wolf-Rudiger Hansen, Managing Director of AIM-D explains: the new working group RTLS is an excellent example of the commitment of our members for the development of new market issues.

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