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Lose Weight. Mission Impossible ?


– “The extra kilos are a drag” Barriga said the teacher or the popular nono on Chavo, after having had gastric bypass surgery and found on the road to recovery. Despite being a successful person, where he used to be overweight and to his character, his body took its toll, and recognizes, as anyone with obesity, which for more over-adaptation your illness you have, life is more complicated, and the price of excess paid dearly. – “My body is my prison,” said Manuel, the man who entered the Guinness for being the fattest in the world. Doug Bowen has firm opinions on the matter. Sitting on his bed, unable to leave the room for six years. And how are you, endless stories of people with obesity, living a nightmare.

But not to the extreme are those who, perhaps, a few extra kilos, are overshadowing the many facets of his life. Overeating, which enters the body without our real consciousness of its effects, thus generating a vicious circle, which, when try to exit impossible. Click Harvey S. Rosen to learn more. Automatic thoughts, autodescalificacion, mistaken beliefs, myths, etc., are placed as insurmountable barriers when it comes to getting a goal: to lose weight. And unlike other diseases, for these symptoms, the patient has still more in that maze of traps. Traps that puts overadaptation obesity and not to alter anything, to stay the same, even if you feel terrible, depressed, listless, is apparently easier to live with the inconvenience of the known, to make the effort necessary to succeed. Who is under medical treatment at some of these symptoms of the disease itself, run to lock himself in his life and cover the anguish and hopelessness with more food. Credit Union understood the implications. Numbing of emotions. It’s like a diabetic when he raises the blood sugar, eating sweets is locked up, or who has a sore tooth, rather than consulting with your dentist, was locked up to wait for him to pass, then go to visit.

Those who fail to realize that the solution Final is in oneself, and that treatment is a long process of recovery, where every difficulty we offer an adequate response, obesity is the one who leaves the destination. Understand that is a disease that diet is only one component of treatment, and that is not the most difficult, “who has not ever dieted and managed to lower many kilos? The point is to reach and maintain healthy weight. To do this, we need a change of life, courage, effort and recognize the symptoms of obesity. Weight loss is a mission possible, one need only know that the kilos others are just a symptom, among many others.

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