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Learning Difficulties


The learning is a process of acquisition and more or less conscientious assimilation, new standards and new forms to perceive, to be, to think to act. Thus the educators cannot limit knowing to make, but they must be conscientious and to give reasons because they proceed from this and of that form. He is that the educative one is not an art that if learns empirically, but in deep reflections of philosophical nature and refined inquiries of scientific nature, taking conscience of these estimated basic the educators will only be able to make a workmanship truily human being. The dislexia and the known disgrafia or more as ugly letter are as difficulties you not only specify of the learning, becoming a social problem as well as cultural a economic problem. The fact not to only know to read nor to write represents a social injustice, because the ones that they do not know to read nor to write are condemned the incultura, the ignorance to the illiteracy and the social manipulation. The danger of an illiterate, dependent, immature society and incultura it is a land I propitiate and inaquality and the oppressions of you vary orders. Click work from home for additional related pages. Being the raised index of pertaining to school evasion a concern, we considered to initiate it a study on this substance with the subject: Difficulty of learning in the reading. The reading has basic importance in the life of the people.

The necessity of much reading is rank between all, has seen, that it propitiates the attainment of information in relation to any context and area of the knowledge, as well as, can consist in entertainment source. For ones, pleasant activity, for others, a challenge to conquer. It urges to understand qualitatively that the technique of the reading guarantees an efficient study, when applied. But, the difficulty in carrying through the reading is had as one of the biggest obstacles faced for the pupils.

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