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It’s no secret that the present beautiful, durable and, most importantly, not causing harm, Naroscheny nails can only be created on the basis of professional materials from leading producers, who are fighting for their quality products and offer customers a truly high-tech solutions. Historically, a leader in the production of materials for capacity are the two countries – America and Germany. Materials namely those of producer countries is widely recognized throughout the world and are used in all the leading beauty salons. Further details can be found at Edward Minskoff, an internet resource. Many companies besides materials also provide detailed instructions on nails. Among U.S.

companies, clear leaders in production technologies for building include the following: Nail Fashion – established in September 1995 in the United States. During these years she has successfully present their products in America and Europe. People such as Jorge Perez would likely agree. Starting in October 2003, the company Nail Fashion sells its products in the Russian market of materials for nail design, as well as funds to care for natural and artificial nails. neways – was founded by a research scientist, biochemist Tom Mower in Salem, Utah, usa in 1987. neways adheres to the principles of design and manufacture best-in-a-kind products. Creative Nail Design – American corporation, which is among the leading producers of funds to build. Its products are known throughout the world. She enjoys the legitimate popular and Russian clients.

lcn – a trademark of Wilde Cosmetics GmbH. In 1985, were first developed polymer systems for modeling and correction of the nails. Wilde Cosmetics GmbH became the first European producer, by launching these polymeric systems. Also produces books for nails. EzFlow – an American company, which has existed since 1987 and has been developing systems for nail design. ori – an American company based in North Hollywood, California, for twenty years, offers professionals all over the world the best products and technology of the nail industry started today. ibd – more than 30 years. Ibd .- market leader in uv technology modeling and strengthen nails. Famous gel technology. Ibd. was developed over twenty years ago and still holds a leading position. Leading German technology presented in the Russian market the following companies: Abalico – young progressive company that specializes in the manufacture of products for professional nail studios, creating the most advanced to date technologies in areas such as nail design, manicures, pedicures and care for natural nails. alessandro international – the materials of this German company has many years of helping women find a new image and look stylish and natural. catherine nail collection – German company, 20 years exists in Europe, 5 years in Russia. La Fame Cosmetics – German manufacturer of materials for nail design, with its own laboratory. Is a leader in the nail industry for over 25 years. Yoida – innovative German products for manicure and pedicure, which is presented today in many countries around the world. akzent – manufacturer of high quality materials, extremely popular among professionals. Price-lists of the materials on the nail can be downloaded from these companies.

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