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KAIDAN-SHU – Valley Of Mist And


Davi high tree shows a certain voyeuristic aspect in his solo exhibition of Sculpures showing opening on 10 June at 19: 00 David high tree-latest series of works of art. His represented women seem lost in indecision, tortured and held in a moment between memories and the future that awaits them after all. You ask ‘why’ and are more than willing to wait for our reply. This subtle, intimate and very personal collection, shows a mixture of paintings, sculpture, and installation, after over a year of origination works, which of the 14th century (think bold, minimalist strokes) reminiscent of the Japanese Muromachi period and while wearing typical manuscript from multi-layered textures high tree. His use of many materials (photographs, oils, acrylics, gold, silver and many more) give his works an all too human character and describe the vague and the insecure environment of his models. It is a true joy for taking the time to take David’s works hidden meanings and to detect initially not the same details to investigate. After David was made familiar through books, movies, and good friends with Japan’s ongoing mythology, he traveled several weeks across the country to photograph numerous places and people.

This immersion in Japan’s culture and natural beauty created a desire not only a few existing ‘obake Banashi’ (literally: Ghost stories) to visualize, but to go a step further and to create their own new ‘Bakemono’ (spirits) complete with own mythologies and persona. In the course of this creation process, David relied on his friend and calligraphy artist Chie Kawa Moto Martin, he is particularly grateful for the help. This cooperation enabled him to retain the use of text. Chie translated parts of his prose and made sure that the images kept an authentic connection to the Japanese typography. The exhibition is part of the 150th anniversary of Japanese German friendship and is in memory of recent Events donate a percentage of all sales to a relief operation in Japan. Rusty holzer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The exhibition runs until 10 July 2011 opening hours Thursday till Sunday from 12 to 6 pm. Contact: Strychnine Gallery Boxhagenerstr 36 10245 Berlin Tel: + 493097002035

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