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Yesterday I wrote a reader from Colombia and told me the following: the Government of Colombia is doing things very well, with a long-term vision which prevents that the benefits of the current growth does not become problems for the future. Really left me thinking a bit about what I wanted to say this Colombian friend. It is true that Colombia has been and is growing apace. In fact, on Tuesday met the growth in industrial production in Colombia was in April from 9. Others who may share this opinion include Robin Ruzan. 82% in interannual terms. Colombian GDP has been growing at 6.8% average in the last two years and for 2008 is expected a 5.5% growth despite external shocks affecting the economy (problems with neighbouring countries and international financial crisis). He continued thinking what he wanted me to be saying this reader, and encounter a news in the site Colombian dinero.com in which the Government reached an agreement with large firms in the energy sector, the construction of nine plants, with close to 3,500 megawatt capacity.

These investments involve an amount of US $5 billion, and with them, Colombia ensure the energy supply until 2018. With the auction done, electric as the Spanish Endesa and Union Fenosa, and EPM and ISAGEN Colombia pledged to lift projects to respond to the estimated increase in the demand for energy in Colombia. According to dinero.com: Colombia Debuts an innovative auction mechanism, not seen in Latin America, which guarantees a price for energy that provide generators electric for 20 years, based on the increase in projected on one of the economies demand more dynamics of the continent as well. This scheme is called energy firm and mitigates the risk of Colombia suffers weather as droughts events, since it allows possible substitutes for generation. Colombia is not only planning their economy with vision for the future, but it also has the fruit of your effort of years passed in this regard to the laws, which is an added value which are taking into account the energy companies to invest.

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