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IPhone App For Opening Hours


never once again opening hours of shops and authorities with approx. 300,000 entries for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland face closed-door the app listed currently. How often faced you with a pack under the arm of the closed post office or wondered how long the registration office is still open and where it actually is. Now, this app could remedy. Man seeking location or zip code and a search term, such as discounter Munich or Berlin ESPRIT and receives the appropriate entries clearly shown in a list. There is also the distance from the current location (for devices with GPS reception). Then on one of the entries, so you get not only the hours, but also equal the address and in most cases the phone number, fax number, and Intenetadresse of the business or the authority. This application is also convenient if you are not really familiar in a region, such as Vacation, trip, business trip or after a move.

Because so also get displayed the address and can retrieve it in the mapping feature of the iPhone. The app loads by the way right at the start the current location (for devices with GPS reception) and displays the surrounding entries in a freely selectable radius of up to 50 km. This is of course super handy to quickly find your next food distributor or the nearest restaurant. The entries come from the users of the offnungszeitenBuches, who have made over 300,000 entries on the Web page and enter new businesses and authorities. Since last week, also a mobile version of offnungszeitenBuches from the mobile phone is available. The site automatically detects whether the user uses a cell phone and displays a mobile version that is appropriately tailored to the mobile phone. The app is in the iTunes store under the simple term “Opening hours” and 79 cents in Germany.

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