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Interest-free Loans Available?


Households and businesses need money Herdecke, September 18, 2010 – there is increasing anxiety in the market for financial services. For even more details, read what IBI Group says on the issue. Consumers are critical in light of the events of the recent past and will move their money to banks, which are transparent and ethically oriented. At the same time, also for people living in the industrialized part of the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to get loans. The consequences affect not only households but also businesses, which quickly slipping under circumstances of an imbalance in the bankruptcy. For both private individuals and consumers seems to apply: depending on the loan is necessary, it will be harder to get him. It is fatal that the root of the evil is the fact, that interest must be paid for borrowed money. These wake with reverse lenders inevitably greed and are an integral part of the award made by entrepreneurs for example good or bad, so ultimately paid by consumers.

Interest rates are included in the ordinary system of money and so in the thinking of habit of anchored, that it would be considered a tomfoolery, someone wanted to lend money interest free. But that’s what it takes revolutionary compared to the current developments, new ideas. In the eighties of the last century, the peace movement noticed that it is not possible by combining everyday of all households with the banks to have money on accounts without not somehow with armor shops in conjunction. Today we are the insight very close, that all balances are brought through the handling of banks with operations in conjunction has dire social consequences for a large part of humanity. The gain of one is the loss of the other mathematically necessary! This responsibility can nobody not freely speak of, also with all smallest savings. It is to wonder what chance could currently have an interest free money system. It is also to ask whether an interest rate freedom could be realize with the conventional money at all. In the hotly contested market for Financial services is advertised recently for loans granted for a limited period of time for example six months interest free.

However, the packaging for such offers in turn is an ordinary credit card, the interest rate freedom so more a marketing gimmick, because the attempt, the money the curse of interest to take. It probably needs its own complementary money system for interest-free loans. Only if it is possible to give such non-governmental money properties, which are superior to the ordinary money, can be converted with the willingness, the savers waive the interest on their balances. The Central advantage of zero interest rates savers could get grants, would of course be the possibility of using interest-free loans for its own needs. Would succeed to advertise for an interest free, complementary money system probably also soon appropriate organizational forms that make manageable such revolutionary financial services would occur. Peter Krause-Keusemann

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