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AVIMA informed: super funds offer tax advantage from the 1st January 2009 a uniform flat tax is levied on all capital gains by 25 percent. At the same time eliminates the speculation period, which ensured the tax exemption for capital gains so far in holding the 12-month period. Also the semi-income system, in accordance with the shareholders versteuerten dividends only to the half with the personal tax rate, then no longer applies. These changed conditions might require an adjustment of the investment strategy. The AVIMA AG has developed tailor-made solutions for its clients, which take into account these changed conditions.

So, AVIMA about recommends to invest to benefit from permanently tax-free gains until end of 2008. So-called super funds are offered for a new investment strategy, taking into account the final withholding tax. In principle, AVIMA advises however not to make investment decisions solely on tax considerations. The individual investment objectives and the own system frame should form the basis of the chosen investment strategy. Nevertheless, investment strategies should be adapted the current fiscal framework and require therefore currently be an optimization. The experts of icon financial group belongs also the AVIMA AG, advise their clients individually and develop the right solutions together with them. An investment offers the advantage that investors can benefit from the existing regulations and co-opt also continue tax-free gains before January 1, 2009, for example. The same applies to direct investment in shares and equity funds and Fund asset management.

This should be considered medium – and long-term, it remains rare in a single investment in practice. Not infrequently, reallocations are made to deal with developments on the capital market. Each individual shift taxation can be avoided but so Klaus J. P.-Kilfitt, Director of the AVIMA AG. Within a roof or Super Fund shifts can be carried out free of tax, in contrast to Transactions between individual mutual funds, on which the withholding tax is levied. Fund of funds investing in individual investment funds; Super Fund can invest in other investment instruments also and thus often provide both yield and safety of interesting investment mix. Reacting quickly to changing conditions is important for investment success. But in the future could this success the taxation associated with each transaction significantly reduced at worst completely be thwarted. For this reason, experts recommend investing in roof and super funds including the icon financial group. The AVIMA AG has developed already suitable, innovative investment models, such as for example the AVIMA asset plan, which like to introduces its customers and prospective customers in a personal conversation. AVIMA the AVIMA AG is a company of icon financial group and is headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich. It is as a system supplier for innovative participation models on the medium and long term Specialized assets. The management consists of experts experienced in the financial services sector, which are successfully operating in this segment already for over 2 decades. More information under and contact: AVIMA AG Celtic ring 17 82084 Oberhaching Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 / 613-893 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 / 613 893-14 eMail:

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