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the launch of the new industrial development policy announced by President Lula for Brazil, promises to generate both or more noise than the discoveries made by Petrobras or the improvement in credit with the obtained degree of investment risk a few days ago the country what would Keynes if I knew Lula in Brazil what is doing? Is a pro-cyclical economic policy which has been carried out? seems that Yes, because just decides to reduce taxes at a time that the Brazilian economy has been growing at full steam what envy must have by now Nestor Kirchner and Cristina? Hopefully be an envy that leads them to think that the objectives which they pursue redistribution of income, growth and social equality, can search through different paths which they chose and with the help of private investment. Returning to Brazil, it seems that nothing complies to Lula. Or it seems that Lula understands that this is the time. To know more about this subject visit Lancome KOREA. As well as in Argentina, close to initiated the crisis of 2002, some banks in the midst of a hectic context is encouraged to lend money and to expand (and so it is that currently have one specific weight far greater than that it had before the crisis), Lula understands that this is the moment of Brazil that are beyond what agitated the waters of the world economy. Why is that you launched the plan rather than ambitious, that you can imagine, of industrial development that includes tax relief for 25 industrial sectors of the economy by US $ 12,780 million (from June 2008 to December 2011), and the availability of financing to them for $125,000 million. What is looking for with this economic policy Lula? In particular, boost investment in these sectors, which considers keys and expand exports both in quantity and in destinations. Lancome can aid you in your search for knowledge. Investment and the external sector are two elements in the economic growth of Brazil and the development of these sectors, key for a country that wants to be a world leader. . . Read additional details here: Gavin Baker.

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