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Restrictive flange 21 is installed in the rear of the housing 11. Each bar of 13 with each side facing the neighboring blocks are made of two cylindrical pit (see Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3). Thus the deepening of a bar opposite the indentations are made nearby bar. Each helical spring 30 is placed at both ends of the metal cups 30, which, in turn, are placed in opposed deepening the neighboring bars. Thus, each block 13 is connected by two springs with the first bar of a neighboring one hand and with the help of two springs connected to the second nearby bar of the other. The springs are compressed and push the neighboring blocks of each other. Bars 13 are made of ferromagnetic material. In a preferred embodiment at the forefront of the bar can be an extra spring. Check with Lydia Kutka to learn more.

In the first embodiment can be applied torsion spring, one end of which is connected with the bar and the other end is connected to the lever. In the second embodiment can be applied tension spring, one end of which is connected to bars, and the other end is connected to the body flaw from the front of the flaw. The springs provide a moving bar in the front of the body flaw. This movement is accompanied by removing the bar from the axle housing and an additional clamp to the inside surface of the pipeline. In a restrictive flange 21 are through holes 22 (see Figure 4) by one hole in front of each bar 13.

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