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Hookah On Water


I told him how to smoke hookah in the water. We need to be myself a hookah, tobacco and coal. Take the flask from a hookah and dial it with water, so much so that the tube assembly with hookahs immersed in two to three centimeters into the water – it will provide the maximum effect of smoking. If you want to be more smoke, add the flask a couple of ice cubes. By this action, we cooled the water and the hookah is a very nice smoke.

About tobacco, you can choose any water pipe in the water emphasize particularly the choice not to. Because the water does not feel special differences on various tobacco. I recommend to try: strawberry, fruity, cherry, apricot, coconut tobacco. Since he is considered one of the best. Coal recommend taking as quickly incite him less of a problem. We take the usual lighter, ignite the coal and a couple of seconds he was himself flares. Smoking is one piece of coals can be about 45 minutes, but this again also depends on the firm, price, quality and other things. Good embers smoldering for an hour and all is well.

Also during smoking tobacco, pay special attention to see to it that tobacco does not burn on charcoal. Tobacco should smolder from the heat transmitted foil, and not burnt on carbon. I want to draw your attention to the foil is a very important nuance. Food fit for hookah foil or specially strainer – all this can buy in a store. And so, take the foil and carefully obvorachivaem her cup already shipping it with tobacco. Obvernuli well hold the foil on the sides and bottom, it is necessary to make it as adjoined to the bowl, it will create a good germitazatsi. when smoking a hookah, which is very important. After that, take a toothpick or a match and do Edged pieces 10 holes. Imagine the diameter of the coals and in concordance with him make a hole. It is not important preborschit, ten is enough. Set as ventilation in the foil, now kindle coal and put it on the foil and not a lot of presses – all the hookah to smoke ready.

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