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In any case, it is good in To save interest early on in our list. Again, we have several projects in planning. Can you say it more accurate? Heiko Sabunwala: I think we can already say that two new residences will be in the Frankfurt area and the Wiesbaden area. How to develop the market for housing for senior citizens? Boris Vetter: The Germans are notoriously getting older. In the year 2030 nearly a third of the population will be older than 65 years. But today, senior citizens apartments are scarce. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is open to suggestions.

The demand will increase further. Heiko Sabunwala: the market is differentiated further as a result. In addition to the traditional nursing homes, there will be a wide variety of residential facilities. Seniors are to look very closely for a suitable offer. Concepts that offer a high level of quality of life and a customized service offer will prevail. And how is cousin & partners for the future? Boris Vetter: We are our role as market leader for housing for senior citizens in the Rhine-Main region further expand.

With our dedicated colleagues, we are very well prepared. We stay with the ear to the market, our residences more precisely to meet the wishes of the inhabitants. Heiko Sabunwala: senior access condos are also increasingly interested in investors. “Our own brand return 50 plus”, offers a safe real estate investment with above-average profitability, encounters more and more resonance. We will expand this segment even more intensively. Would you recommend your residences also your friends and relatives? Heiko Sabunwala: Yes, why not? I’ve done that several times. Boris Vetter: We have already purchased property in our residences. A colleague has already moved.

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