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Training at Ikud seminars Gottingen, July 28, 2010: the modern life and the workplace is subject to increasing globalization enormous changes. Long, multinational teams in many work areas are everyday, stays abroad are standard in most CVS and migrations have created a rich diversity in the life of society. Intercultural encounters that go with it to effectively, you must bring but intercultural competence. In the trainings at IKUD seminars you can acquire them. Value and concepts, patterns of interaction and communication styles are not everywhere equal in the world. You have to know that and you have to experience it, interculturally competent to act. The realization that the own cultural value system is relatively so ideally is in trainings on the topic of interculturality at the heart.

This self-reflection is the first step to build an open attitude towards other cultures. “Ways of acting, the one than normal” experiences, such as the greeting with handshakes, are not global. Communication styles that one knows and uses, can be in other cultures as perceived directly or rude. “IKUD seminars offers various training courses on the subject of intercultural competence” on. They are divided into an offer for people who work in the training area, as well as an offer for persons who professionally and privately want to educate themselves, without being active as multipliers.

Intercultural competence is developed in all workshops, seminars and training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules”. That is achieved by a speech of different levels: skills (such as factual knowledge about cultural models), social skills (such as empathy), strategic skills (such as synergy thinking) and individual competencies (E.g. willingness to learn) are equally in focus. Intercultural competence as a combination of these skills makes it possible eventually, appropriately and effectively with People from other cultures to deal. Successful relationship design on business and private level is possible.

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