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Getting Started Creating Success Self


Theme of success and achievement has become very popular lately. FTI Consulting has much experience in this field. Someone begins to look for the "secret work of psycho-technology", such "magic button" by which you can quickly change a life and get any the desired results. However, are just another disappointment … Yet most people read the articles and books, and come to training success and achievement, to understand themselves. They want to regain interest in the life, to solve the internal conflicts that interfere with your life and create success in life, career or business.

They seek to find their true destiny … Sounds familiar, does not it? Where should you start creating your success? With search vocation? With the identification of their innate abilities? With ascertain their true desires and goals? Let's start by answering the question "Who are you?" Who are you? For many people this is a very difficult question … or could be difficult, if they tried to get a real, truthful answer about themselves. However, instead of searching for reliable information that will help better understand their true goals and desires, and bring us closer to understanding our uniqueness, we give out of habit memorized answer, "I – Woman .. Head, .. man ..

a business owner .. The parent .. A resident of the Big City … "This is our daily roles. We are so completely got used to these roles, he had long forgotten what we really are! We're themselves, think and even feel like "Parent", "Employee of the department," "husband" …

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