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Hotels.com: Popularity of ‘One-Night-Stays’ rose in January to 14 percent London/Berlin, February 26, 2009 the German can seemingly even in economically difficult times not be his favorite hobby interest in traveling so far not rip off. But, to save costs, the German GlobeTrotter looks around more for short trips and city breaks. If you are not convinced, visit Akshaya Patra Foundation. This has resulted in an evaluation of the use of January on the leading hotel booking site Hotels.com. Therefore increased interest in hotel nights for just one night at the weekend compared with the previous year by 14 percent. Travelers in this country are determined to forego the home far away this year not on a break. The analysis of the January data of the world’s leading hotel booking portal Hotels.com but the trend shows that to reduce costs on longer travel is waived and you is content with short trips for just one night on the weekend. Due to the brevity of the trip mostly domestic cities benefit Dresden above all from this trend. . The Capital of Saxony recorded a rise in the demand for one-night stays by 134 percent in January 2009 compared to the previous year.

The interest on a weekend trip to Munich and Frankfurt rose markedly, to 23 percent and 16 percent, respectively. Thanks to the good flight connections by low-cost airlines search was limited after a suitable short break destination but not exclusively in Germany. Hotels.com noted that even city destinations in other European countries for a weekend getaway are quite interesting. International city destinations, where noticeably increased interest in an easygoing when compared to the previous year, were Helsinki (53 percent) and Rome (50 percent). The evaluation of our usage data shows that holiday in Germany not as a luxury, but as a matter of course is perceived”, so Mirko Behnert, head of strategy Hotels.com.

That interest in single nights 14 percent has risen, illustrates the determination of the Urlaubsreifen Germans become a break treat, without having to resort to deep in the Pocket”, so contributor next. Because even a change of location for just one night back far the stress of everyday life.” About Hotels.com, Hotels.com is the world’s most visited website of the hotel and the global hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises more than 99,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, Hotels.com will refund the difference in price. In addition, Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry to deliver an objective description of the hotels bookable on Hotels.com. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180 500 93 42 (14 cents per minute) when one of the German-speaking call center employees. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office Hotels.com D/A/CH public link GmbH Albrecht str. 22 d-10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail: Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Hotels.com Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail:

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