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Proof that 40 years ago, someone dared to imagine that the people who had the economic means to eat in restaurants of luxury, also (and I would say almost above all) could have the hobby of enjoying the casual cuisine. Flash Flash would take four decades of advancement on this new fever by Burger that has reached Barcelona. Then this clientele was called Gauche Divine, artists, necessarily intellectuals on the left, by the circumstances that we all know. Today we do not know where to eat our (hope that provisionally) Gauche Indigne what we do know, and precisely thanks to Pomes, are Spaniards thanks to his book eating favorite dishes is a party (Ed.RBA) published in 2004, after a long survey, more personal than scientific, made throughout his life. (Although seven years have passed, perhaps talk a day this book). But back to the Giardinetto. Create an Italian cuisine restaurant for 40 years was undoubtedly something novel, although the Italian influence in the Catalan kitchen had been notable in the 19th century, much or more than the French.

Cannelloni of Sant Esteve, who will be cooking the week that comes in almost all households, are a good example of this capacity of culinary phagocytation that has always characterized our kitchen. But for Pomes, was then to inform the bourgeois public, gourmet and curious in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi, the dishes of a delocalized popular cuisine, that some had been able to know in his trips to Italy. Carpaccio of beef with Parmesan cheese or sauce Harry s Bar was proposed for the first time (15), mozzarella, pasta to the Dente, risottos (term that both calaria in modern Catalan cuisine when we have here our own sweet rice), tiramisu and balsamic vinegar (a product exalted who has reached a point of degeneration and unsuspected autonomy in our days(, in the form of seasoning or indiscriminate decorations). In the Giardinetto, everything stays intact, as if time had happened, thanks to the vigilance of the Pomes so that the kitchen does not decay and stays true to the line that was marked from the beginning. But thanks also to a chef who has been 27 years in the House. Humble craftsman little prone to let yourself be dazzled by the media spotlights. A chef who is limited to practicing his craft with savoir-faire and dignity.

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