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With afforestation of tropical forest for the future give year after year many people are faced with the question of what they can give to the wedding. Often it runs also on money gifts. But also monetary gifts to the wedding can be more than just a couple of bucks. With the GeschenkBaum and the BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance, money gifts are personal and meaningful gifts. Sustainable forest – special gift a BaumSparVertrag or GeschenkBaum is an ideal gift for couples, because it conveys how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and the preservation of species from the very beginning,. Both products are eco-friendly, sustainable and also lucrative money gifts. For more information see David Sigmone. The recipient an individual certificate in an elegant wooden box will also receive with rosewood key chain, making the gift has a particularly personal and exclusive. When the BaumSparVertrag plants ForestFinance for 33 euros every month a tropical tree and maintain these for 25 years up to the Harvest.

Then the recipient receives the proceeds, which forecast makes more than the 8 times the deposited amount. The GeschenkBaum plants and maintains ForestFinance for a one-off payment of 60 EUR in Panama. The income credited to the recipient after the harvest. Sustainable monetary gifts to the wedding – wearing nature the returns worldwide invest pension funds and banks in tropical forests: an investment that offers a combination of security and return on investment as opposed to stocks or other investments. Thus, forest investments are the ideal gift, because the past shows: Woods hits shares. Compared to the past 20-40 years, forest investments better cut off almost 20 percent as all relevant stock indices. Wedding feast time is under wedding refers to the beginning of the marriage or more recently a registered life partnership associated with the wedding rituals. Wedding is a term that originally referred to “Fixed time” (“high”), so high Christian festivals.

The term “Marriage” was therefore referring to the celebrations on the occasion of the marriage. Today, “Wedding” is used only for the marriage. GeschenkBaum and BaumSparVertrag – more than just gifts of money investment in ecological timber reforestation provide a triple return on investment: a financial, a social and an environmental. They are not only financially lucrative, but safeguard permanent jobs and have a sustainable effect on climate and environment: rain forests are protected, CO2 emissions for decades tied, and created rich mixed forests. The forests will be replanted according to strict ecological criteria and manage sustainably. Thus the GeschenkBaum or BaumSparVertrag are not only ideal money gifts to the wedding, but also sustainable gifts for any occasion: for birth, baptism, Christmas, or birthday. Learn more about the money gifts under and

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