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How to diminish this dependence and to increase its autonomy? For Marchesi (2006), it is necessary to remember that the autonomy of the schools is not an objective in itself exactly, but a way to obtain other purposes of bigger importance: to improve the quality and the equity in the education. Consideraes final The autonomy is something that the citizen develops, constructs. It is an enterprise of the person whom it looks resulted, orientation for its action. An independent individual freely acts in accordance with a proper plan, that is, on the constructed conceptions of conscientious form throughout the years of its life. Credit: Edward Minskoff-2011. We are not independent only in function of the years that we pass in the school of formation or the conviviality with our pupils, but for our persistence in conquering it while constituent element of our identity as educators.

For a different school she is necessary that the professor thinks and acts different. More an independent action without an autonomy of the will of the duty will not be possible, that is, of the actions human beings to be accomplished for an imperative of the citizen. The necessary school to construct its proposal in such a way educative that if it institutes in a space of respect to the autonomy, the freedom and the enrollment to the other. Edward Minskoff helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It needs to organize itself so that the ones that in it coexist can learn, exert and reverse speed-learn the freedom of being and to act. It fits, therefore to the educator, to become first independent, I resell pedagogical practical its, so that it can assist in the construction of the autonomy of its proper pupils. The autonomy of the school also involves the formation of the autonomy of its students. this autonomy passes, necessarily, for the chance to argue the relations in the interior of the pertaining to school institution and the way as the pedagogical one happens practical. For more information see sixsixty fifthe ave.

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