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Review of a dynamic economic year in hotels, restaurants and catering catering and accommodation the except home market Germany is divided to the other two-thirds in the commercial foodservice, over 328,000 units makes one-third in community facilities, catering. Did you know that the 60.413 restaurants 2,835 homes belong to the premium segment? u0085 that there are indeed 34.201 pubs, but only 2.718 bars? u0085 68 percent of the nearly 39,000 establishments be done privately? u0085 that 82 percent of the German hotels have less than 50 rooms and offer 250 rooms and above one percent? u0085 that there are over 700 Mensen in the non-commercial segment of education (education), which provide 1.86 million students? u0085 There are more than 100,000 businesses that offer the snacks for the immediate and for portability? The non-market spans a sales volume of EUR 1,588 billion worldwide. This corresponds to a pro capita sales of 240 euros with a global population of 6.630 million People. The largest sales are generated in North America (33.7%) and Western Europe (18.9%). In absolute figures this reads as follows: 1287 euro average sales in North America, 815 euros in Western Europe. In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland the average turnover is 804 euros per person. The Western European proportion of global spending in the non-domestic market amounted to 330 billion euro 405 million inhabitants.

In North America, 431 billion euros are spent each year (total population 335 million). The German lunch like to eat in the canteen for lunch. In the approximately 18,400 factory canteens (business & industry, health, welfare), the Germans received 994,5 million meals in 2007. A total of 4.4 billion euros were issued for Curry sausage, spaghetti, pizza, and sniper. This pizza paid for a portion on average only 3.14 euros. For comparison: 3.28 euros in works canteens in the means of a main dish with meat, a main meal with fish is a To get the average price of 3.30 euros.

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