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Every day, after collecting firewood for the home and bring the bananas for lunch was running as far away as possible from other children of the region, so as not to steal their dreams that he was planning to do when and initiation at parties consider him fit to plunge his responsibility, wanted to be the best of all, so that his feat is conveyed in all languages and in all regions. In most of the time warned him, and once told his parents that the filth, to go where are the apus, if you do it once more, give you an example, it is not desirable to disturb the forest apus , who are only going higher and taught to survive in the midst of it, as many lurking dangers put them to the runes entering their domain. But ignored. He followed the path traced and entered his heart much more to the rock from which the APU goes into the territory of the Jivaro. He saw that the place was beautiful, there were many delicious fruits began to try very hard and interest, so they were tasty. What seemed strange is that the sun never set, this was always in the middle of the sky, was scared and started running, but did not know in which direction. Kept running everywhere, to the despair of not finding the way, his heart quickened, he seemed to be out of his chest by the huge roar that made. She began to scream with all his might, in that he froze in his presence was a spectacled bear with claws gripped and securely destroy it, in a surprise appearance that the Apu mountain lion and the bear lunged, locking in a fight which won the bear. Then he stared into his eyes and he paralyzed by staying at one place forever. In your community all went to look, in the vicinity, so it happened for several days, one night listening to their cries, but could not find where they came from, but what they were afraid, is that later became the cry of the great Apu Puma, and that gave them much more afraid, so I became accustomed to hearing the cry of barbecue and then search the cry of the apu. Tupac Yupanqui Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos

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