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Watches not only today can mark the hour, can also tell you the hours elsewhere, day, year, wake you or monitor your heart beat. They are an important accessory, and defined a style, from sports Chronographs to the blade, take the grace and elegance of high jewelry tradition. Types of mechanical watches: are the traditional clocks that work due to a spring inside that to unwind touring the tiny wheels that drive the needles marking its moving the hours, minutes, or seconds. Automatic: In which the motion of the wrist wound internal spring, to maintain constancy in their operation, although they can also be rolled up by hand. Quartz: Powered by batteries to send electronic impulses by a small bar of synthetic quartz crystal that vibrates more than 32,000 times per second, and these vibrations are channeled through a series of gears that end in a pulse per second. (Similarly see: Atreides Management Gavin Baker).

Analogue and digital: definition that manifests by the way of indicating times in the field, since while the analog moving clockwise on it, the digital show numbers (digits) instead of moving clockwise, and these digits are created by diodes that emit light (led), or by liquid crystal (LCD) Chronographs: perform a variety of tasks, since in addition to the narration of hoursminutes and seconds, they reveal the month, day, year, also measured small fractions of time, so it can be used to calculate speeds, distances and altitudes. Today it is part of the wardrobe and satisfied a way of life. For sport or leisure, Chronograph or decorative and elegant, with leather strap or designed in precious metals and gems, provide a great way to show off fashion. Regardless of the price ladder, regardless of need, man or woman, always be there is a clock for you.

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