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Fincas Corral Servicing Opens New Office In Zaragoza


Undoubtedly the launch of SERVICING franchising and the adaptation of Fincas Corral chain to the new situation of the market, has been more daring business strategy in recent years and that greater host is having on the national and international levels. Fincas Corral SERVICING integrates 5 franchises for the price of 1: real estate broker, financial Broker, insurance agent, asset manager and Facility Services. In addition, SERVICING offers unprecedented advantages so far in the sector of the franchises in Spain: permanent franchise contract. Franchise agreement reviewed and approved by the Spanish Association for the development and defence of the franchisee. Existence of the figure of the Ombudsman of the franchisee.

Postgraduate in higher management in real estate, financial intermediation and insurance of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as home to the franchise course. A consultant to walking Street for every 5 franchises. Processing of financial and mortgage records through two channels different. POULTRY farms is the largest Spanish real estate company dedicated to real estate brokerage with a definite international projection. A leadership based on the domino of the secondary market, the brokering in the second-hand housing, but that will be progressively extended to the new work. Fincas Corral is present in all Spanish autonomous communities, as well as in Mexico, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium. Luxembourg, Ecuador, etc. More information on original author and source of the article.

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