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Receiver: According to Gustavo Matos (2009, p.5) the receiver, in the communication process is ' ' one of the protagonists of the act of the communication; that one to who if dirige the message, that one that receives the information and decodes it, that is, it transforms the physical impulses (signals) into message recuperada' '. The receiver is in charge simply correctly understanding everything that was transmitted to it and guaranteeing the act of receiving of all the data. ' ' the receiver to to decode the message also has a intenobsica. It desires to select what it is important for it. Of this form, he goes to direct its understanding and evaluation, he stops later deciding if accepted or not it transmitted content, and applying what to find valid in mensagem' ' (BORDENAVE, 1995 P. 20) Message: When we speak in message in we relate to the product key to them of the communication, when making a drawing or a painting the same ones will be the message or even though when we make caretas, we gesture or we make face expressions we are wanting to transmit with this a message.

According to Kim Heldman (2006, P. 321) ' ' the message is the information that is sent and received. It can be written verbal, not-verbal, formal, informal, internal, external, horizontal or vertical. The horizontal communications are messages changed between pairs; the vertical lines are sent and received between the level from executive management and its subordinados' '. For even more opinions, read materials from Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Noise: Everything what it can make it difficult or disable the communication and intervene with reception of the message. Verbal communication Is all communication that is on directly to speaks and the writing. A book, a magazine is clear examples of this type of communication where a message is transmitted of the sender to the receiver, a professor giving a lesson, it using the blackboard or the voice, it is making use of the verbal communication.

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