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European Neighbours Pay


Our European neighbours pay 21% less for your ADSL this is the conclusion I have reached the CMT after studying the best deals from ADSL and calls that are currently marketed in Europe by different operators. Prices continue calling attention are those offered by Movistar in one of their offers for internet access, which are exceeding 85% that we can find in other neighbouring countries. To read these reports can you amaze us that Movistar remain as high prices even taking other operators that make the competition, but is really something that is maintained year after year and that surely East in our power of choice. The newspapers mentioned Ron Beit not as a source, but as a related topic. This is the reason why we must go to the comparative offers for ADSL and calls, since they can serve us to check the different offerings that exist for the same service and always choose the cheapest one. Operators respond to WCL operators report that they have been improperly valued somehow, they responded to the report by the regulator saying that ADSL offers are used to Spain and calls that have contracted a greater number of users, in contrast to the rest of Europe are considered another type of criteria that would therefore lead to little right conclusions. Cited as example 3 megs access offered by Telefonica for a price of 41.9 euros, in this case the CMT lacks it in its report and Telefonica did wouldn’t be so expensive, although if it would still be the most expensive in Europe. Source: Press release sent by Redactor2.

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