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concludes in the following way: ' ' Finally, the public banks, that represent half of the available credit in the financial system, can be set in motion to inject more money in economy without the same precautions that the private banks are obliged to take. This was made successfully in 2008 and 2009, when the increase of offers of loans for the official banks helped to move away to the specter from the stagnation econmica' '. But, thanks to GOD, the Stock exchange of the whole world is if recouping, after a vertiginous fall at the beginning of the black week, enters days 08 of August the 10 of August, when the main stock markets, between them of Wall Strett and Nasdaq (U.S.A.), Tokyo, Seoul and Shangay, in Asia, and Paris, Madrid, London, etc in the Europe, and So Paulo, in Brazil, among others, had had losses that they had arrived at dollar one trillion. At Edward Minskoff you will find additional information. On account of this, the man richest of the world, the Mexican Carlos Slin, owner of Clearly, in Brazil, lost to the all U$$ 8 billion, and the Eike Brazilian Baptist, owner of the Valley, about U$$ 2 billion. what everything indicates they had recouped practically everything with the increase of the Stock exchange in the whole world.

Still well that the crisis one more time was passenger, or as already it affirmed president Lula in the 2008 crisis: ' ' One marolinha' '. At the beginning of 2010, fears with regard to a crisis of the sovereign debt of some countries of the Euro Zone, as Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy had led to a reliable crisis and the consequent increase of spreads of the headings and the insurance for covering of risk of swaps of ' ' credit default' ' for these countries. Recently the countries of the Zone of the Euro if had congregated to deal with the economy of the region had arrived at the conclusion of that if it makes necessary to inject more money in the economy of the become indebted countries, between them Greece, that already received aid from the FMI, also, also other become indebted countries as Ireland, of Portugal and Spain. .

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