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Mayonnaise is a product that very seriously settled at our table. It is used as a salad dressing or as a sauce for meat and fish dishes. This mayonnaise, which was coined in the 18 century, it is impossible to buy in shop for a true taste of very few people know. Mayonnaise, which is sold in the store, only called by this famous sauce, but has nothing in common, not the taste properties is not a color not in consistency. Real mayonnaise is one of the culinary wonders, in the first place is a wonderful condiment mustard, which came up with the French, the second place our wonderful mayonnaise, ketchup on the third place, who invented the English Navy. If you want to try this mayonnaise, then it is possible to prepare ourselves for that, you need olive oil, fresh raw egg yolks, lemon juice, salt, sugar and seasonings, mayonnaise mayonnaise for you need prepared mustard, mixing all the products you get a true mayonnaise. This mayonnaise can be stored for a long time, its shelf life of five – seven days. If you have prepared mayonnaise yourself, it wakes up the true sauce, which can not be heated above forty-five degrees, as the real mayo when heated decomposes at the ingredients, that is, vegetable oil, and drops of lemon juice to the yolks..

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